Rogério Santos publishes book on broadcasting in colonial Angola  

BiPE’s researcher, Rogério Santos, has just published his most recent book “A RÁDIO COLONIAL EM ANGOLA. Festas e rifas para comprar o emissor” [Colonial Broadcasting in Angola. Festivities and raffles to buy a transmitter”] with Universidade Católica Editora. The book addresses the radio produced and listened to in Angola during the colonial era, from the beginning of the short waves imperial transmissions of the Portuguese official broadcaster (Emissora Nacional) (1936) to Angola’s independence (1975). Throughout the last decades of the Portuguese colonial empire, broadcasting in Angola followed several phases: programmes sent from Lisbon to local stations; the creation of an official radio station in Luanda; the creation of urban radio clubs, which were non-profitable associations based in several Angolan cities and towns, and overall, organizations that have mainly overlooked the African population. The latter was perceived as either a group to be educated or entirely as subversive. Here I include programmes in national languages, suggestive of political resistance, as well as the listening to the broadcasts of the liberation movements.”


The book is available in a digital and a softcopy format on the publisher’s website here