Second BiPE’s International Conference “Radio Soundscapes in (Post)colonial Settings” (7 th -8 th July 2022)

On the 7th and 8th of July 2022, the International Conference “Radio Soundscapes in (Post)colonial Settings” brought BiPE’s project to a closure. It took place at Universidade Católica Portuguesa and aimed to gather a few expert researchers in the field of colonial and postcolonial broadcasting. This two-day event was organized in 4 thematic panels, namely “Radio as a Tool of
Soft Power”,; “Promoting and Countering Colonialism on the Airwaves”, “Broadcasting, Power and Resistance”, and “Radio and the (Re)Creation of Culture Identities”. 
Vincent Kuitenbrouwer (University of Amsterdam) opened the conference on July 7th with his insightful keynote lecture on “The Colonial Provenance of Dutch International Broadcasting c. 1930-1950: Contestations and Continuities” and a conversation between Simon Potter (University of Bristol), and Nelson
Ribeiro (Catholic University of Portugal), on the forthcoming book The Wireless World: Global Histories of International Radio Broadcasting, ended the first day. 
The conference closed with a roundtable that had the participation of the BiPE’s Portuguese research team members, who summed up the key contributions to research in the field of colonial broadcasting brought along by these last years of investigation and set to (Re)Thinking the Research Agenda in this area of studies.