Overseas Broadcasting Centre

Inaugurated in a hurry, in 1954, due to the Indian military offensive in Portuguese territories, the Emissora Nacional's Overseas Broadcasting Centre, located in Pegões, within the perimeter of Montijo and thirty kilometres from Vila Franca de Xira, aimed to reach the then Portuguese colonies and the communities of nationals scattered around the globe, in better technical conditions. In September 1966, Américo Tomás inaugurated four new short wave transmitters (Notícias de Portugal, 17 September 1966). The Estado Novo's rationale was to speak the truth about Portugal in several languages, at a time when the wars in Africa had reached a complicated point and international bodies were pressuring the country to solve the problem of the colonies.

Original text with images, at https://radio.hypotheses.org/3858.

Author: Rogério Santos

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