Rádio Clube do Huambo

Rádio Clube do Huambo was founded in 1943 by the following group: Abel Lara, Dr. Paulo José de Castro, Dr. Eurico de Carvalho, Augusto de Sousa Machado, César Augusto Borges and Serafim Alves Monteiro. Abel Lara had a commercial shop in Huambo (5 de Outubro avenue). Before that, he and his family owned the Aurora farm. A man nearing seventy years of age, he also supported Norton de Matos as candidate for Portuguese president.

Rádio Clube do Huambo admitted Fernando Curado Ribeiro and Joana Campina Miguel in 1949, both of whom had a very public political position in relation to the Estado Novo regime. Sebastião Coelho Ferreira was certainly the best-known broadcaster of the station, with the programme Cruzeiro do Sul, having later moved to Rádio Ecclesia, to the flagship programme Café da Noite.

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