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Nelson Ribeiro’s and Rogério Santos’ Participation in the IAMCR Conference 2020

Presentation of Conference papers in the panel “Histories of (Trans)National Broadcasting”, History Section

Date: 12th-17th July 2020

Virtual conference


Nelson Ribeiro and Rogério Santos participated in the international conference of the IAMCR 2020, subject to the subject “Reimagining the Digital Future: Building Inclusiveness, Respect and Reciprocity”. This event was organized by Tampere University, Finland and took an entirely virtual format with papers, plenary sessions and panels taking place online between the 12th and the 17th of July 2020.

Both BiPE researchers submitted papers to the History section and presented them in a panel titled “Histories of (Trans)National Broadcasting”. They also had the opportunity to receive feedback from peers participating in the panel and conference. Nelson Ribeiro’s paper “Airwave Apartheid on Late Portuguese Colonialism: The Native Hour on Radio Club of Mozambique” and Rogério Santos’ titled “Radio as a Soldier”: The Role of Colonial and anti-Colonial Broadcasting during the Independence War in Angola, 1961-1974” were available online between July and September 12th. Nelson Ribeiro addressed the radio contents and impact of the Radio Club of Mozambique’s programme “Native Hour”, created in the 1950s and announced in Mozambican native languages. Rogério Santos discussed the role of broadcasting both in the Angolan war of liberation and in the construction of a newly independent nation.