Rogério Santos


Rogério Santos holds a PhD and a Master’s in communication sciences from the Nova University of Lisbon and a Licentiate degree in History from Oporto University. He is an Emeritus Associate Professor in the Catholic University of Portugal, where he convened the scientific area of the Sciences of Communication (2006-2013). There Rogério also convened and co-convened the PhD programme (2006-2011), while being the director of the CESOP (Research Center for Surveys on Opinion) (2010-2012). He lectured Theories of Communication, Sociology of Journalism and Media History.  He was also a social and organisational communication officer, as well as a media coordinator in the Lisbon and Oporto Telephones Company, as well as in Portugal Telecom from 1983 to 2001. Rogério is a co-founder of the Research Center in Media and Journalism (CIMJ), and currently, he is a researcher in the Research Center for Communication and Culture. He has published 17 books and 18 book chapters. Among the most recent books are A Emissora Nacional e as Mudanças Políticas, 1968-1975 (MinervaCoimbra, 2017) [Emissora Nacional and the Political Turns, 1968-1975], Estudos de Rádio em Portugal [Radio Studies in Portugal] (Universidade Católica Editora, 2017), Sempre no Ar, Sempre Consigo, 1941-1968 [Always in the air, Always with you, 1941-1968] (Colibri, 2014), Indústrias Culturais – Imagens, Valores e Consumos  [Cultural Industries - Images, Values and Consumption] (Edições 70, 2007) e Vozes da Rádio [Radio Voices], 1924-1939 (Caminho, 2005). Another forthcoming title is Sintonia da Radio em Lisboa, 1924-1975 [Tuning in Radio in Lisbon, 1924-1975]. He has worked on the field of Social Sciences namely on Sciences of Communication and History. His CV’s most recurrent keywords are Radio, Media, Communication, History and Telecommunications.