Vicent Kuitenbrouwer

Vincent Kuitenbrouwer.png

Dr Vincent Kuitenbrouwer is Assistant Professor History of International Relations at the University of Amsterdam. He is specialized in nineteenth- and twentieth-century imperial history, and has a special interest in colonial media networks. He currently works on Dutch international radio-broadcasting in the late colonial period and the era of decolonization. Recent publications include: 'Radio as a Tool of Empire. Intercontinental Broadcasting from the Netherlands to the Dutch East Indies in the 1920s and 1930s', Itinerario, vol. 40:1 (2016) 83-103 and ‘“From Heart to Heart”: Colonial Radio and the Dutch Imagined Community in the 1920s’, in: G. Blok et al. eds., Imagining Communities: Historical Reflections on the Process of Community Formation (Amsterdam University Press 2018) 113-131.